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Černý tesák (Black fang) is a Czech instrumental guitar-electro project, which takes inspiration from electronic artists like Burial or Boards of Canada, and combines it with the lofi DIY estetic of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. Crazy, right? The dark music, built on loopers and sequencers, features a dreamy mix of ambient loops, electronic beats and dirty guitars. On September 15, the debut album Zůstaň (Stay) was released digitally, and, thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, also physically.

Pod Smrkem

Pod Smrkem (Below the Smrk mountain) is my attempt to make a melancolic christmas/winter lullaby. Unlike the songs from album Zůstaň, there is no guitar. Only a synth, kalimba, sounds of nature and of course - jingle bells. Song is dedicated to my dog friend Nyxa, who recently passed away. Beatiful animated music video is done by amazing Dita Stuchlíková.

Debut album Zůstaň is out now!

The impossibility of stopping time is presented with a bit of darkness and dreaminess in the debut album of Černý tesák (Black fang) called Zůstaň (Stay), which was released digitally on 15th September. 10 tracks indirectly represent the feeling of constant changes and time.

"Everything is changing. I blink and I'm a year older again. I take a breath and a week is gone. I want the moment to stay, but it's slowly fading. Everything moves on, everything changes."

Instrumental music, based on loopers and sequencers, is inspired by electronic artists such as Burial or Boards of Canada, combined with the lo-fi DIY aesthetic of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. Electronic beats and dirty guitars were complemented by drums, percussion and keys by Zdeněk Jurčík (Kafka band, Letní kapela).

The album was recorded during 2022 - drums in Golden Hive studio, everything else at home in the garage. The mixing was done by Černý tesák himself after two months of watching tutorials. Mastering was done by Tomas Karasek from Gargle and Expel studio.

Zustan cover art

Music videos

The three tracks are accompanied by a music videos, the one for the song Zůstaň was made by Černý tesák himself. The other two (Králíček and Jsem happy) and the whole visual of the album were made by animator and illustrator Dita Stuchlíková. All three of them follow the theme of fleetingness and dreaminess.

Králíček (A little rabbit)

We're always running, after something, from something. Rabbits chased by a wolf that won't let us rest. Except when he falls. But we wait for him anyway. Because we feel we can't move without him.

Zůstaň (Stay)

A simple pleasure. Literally dreaming your dreams. The loneliness caused by the fear of doing something. 

Jsem happy (I'm happy)

The moon cannot shine without the sun. For something good to happen, something bad has to happen. And vice versa.


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